Thursday, March 27, 2008

God loves the broken-hearted

In hard times I always wonder why this suffering is needed. Not to over-dramatize, since so many people deal with real pain, the pain of losing beloved ones, of living in poverty, of opression and so on that one feels shy to claim that one's own life is tough.. but it sometimes does feel very much so. And when it does, I start to ask myself the ancient question 'why'?

A small insight occured to me today. And that is that every growth is painful. I think every woman while giving birth is inclined to think why the suffering is needed, but once the baby is born, the pain which she suffered becomes irrelevant. I think that most people who have expereinced personal growth and achieved wisdoms have done so due to suffering they had to deal with during their life. So I guess the one does not come without the other, and one should be happy with it...

A person once told me "God loves the broken-hearted". Just now I start to realize what it means.

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Anonymous said...

You write beautifully. Please don't stop.