Friday, May 15, 2009

The curse of text messages

I just totally told off 4th. I tried and tried to just keep my mouth shut, or actually to keep my fingers shut since it was a text-message thing.. Oh, the time when there were no cell phones.. how sweet must polygyny have been in those days!!!
I am so fed up with her. Gosh!!
Wouldn't it be great if you could just put a specific person on ignore in your cell, so you wouldn't receive their messages if you wouldn't want to? Or maybe some new high-tech phones offer such functionality? Please let me know if they do, it's worth the investment, I tell you that.
So she has been whining about how she doesn't trust me or Mr.Hubby, because, DRUMROLL.. she has been lied to too often. And deceived too often..and now she feels it's only understandable that she checks his phone and reads his messages, and then not only that, but tells me she knows the details because he told her everything, and tells him she knows because I told her everything..
The thing that pi$$es me off the most is that she actually believes that she is the one who's the victim, who is being treated unfairly. I turned off my phone during the whole evening just to protect myself from my own bluntness and harshness. At the end I turned it on again, and there they were, the self-pity texts, about how she wants to be different, but it's just too hard, and she can't cope... eventually I texted her listing up all the deceit and lies (the major ones at least) I got from her, and other people in the family got from her, and told her to get over her whiney self, and stop with the self-pity.
At this moment I feel relieved to have said all what was in my head. I always do when people bother me. I am so unable to be diplomatic. I wouldn't be a good diplomat. If I were a diplomat for the US I'd probably tell Israel and Palestine to make peace right away or otherwise we'd bomb the hell out of them. Ok, I wouldn't really.. I am just writing off frustration right now.
I am sure tomorrow I will feel shitty about letting my crappy alter-ego out again. Right now it feels like a relief.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Poised Heart

Various thoughts have been running through my mind in the past few days, I’m trying to get them on paper..

Hidden Sage emailed me today that the most important trait of our ego is most often the one that we are most pleased with or the one we take pride in. I have been thinking about this, and I am realizing that it really might be true.

I appreciate the peace and safety of my inner world…I am happy to be a pleasant yet poised person and that I always do my best to keep my word - which might be described as reliable or trustworthy. And now I am thinking that there might indeed be some drawbacks to these characteristics.

I think my main fear is giving my heart to people. Yes, I think that is the hardest thing for me. So being poised might actually be the result of the emotional detachment.. All the caretakers I have had in my childhood were taken from me, or I was taken from them. You know I never hugged anyone – I mean really I felt disgusted on some level to hug people … then my first boyfriend hugged me, it was such an amazing feeling. I totally gave my heart to him and he wasn’t worth it, which was a harsh experience and that’s an understatement. I never felt such desperation again.

I’ve talked to Mr.Hubby about this in the beginning of our relationship. I told him that I didn’t feel such an emotional dependency with him as I did during my first relationship. I wondered whether that was something to worry about.. but he never felt like it was. I get it now, my love for Mr.Hubby is not just insane craving for love and attention, like it was with my first love, but I wonder if I am not still shutting him out in some way, I wonder if he doesn’t deserve more than my poised and dreamy self..

I guess I deserve more than my poised self

And fear… fear is nothing else than lack of faith. Don’t you think? Who would fear to give their heart when they know that their Lord is the guardian of it? I try to keep my heart for My Lord, but what if what I am actually doing is guarding my heart safely – thus not giving it in the Hands of the Lord?