Sunday, March 30, 2008

What is true love?

It’s sometimes quite hard to figure out what true love and a real spiritual relationship are about..

Today I spent the day with a girlfriend - happily married, not religious, surely not polygamous, and blissfully unaware of my chosen way of life. She has a great marriage, as far as I can judge. Her husband is responsible, good-hearted and loves the fact that he is a father. Basically to me they seem the perfect family.

I think any woman would like to spend her life in that way. With a loving and nurturing family, in which the husband/father plays an important role. However I see that the way God prescribes us to live is quite different. A father/husband is more of a leader of the household. He has to allocate time between different families, so as a wife or mother you are often left relying on yourself or on the other wives.

At the same time it’s clear to me that in this solitude you learn to rely on God more, which just deepens your relationship with Him. Or at least it’s supposed to work like that. Often the material life just takes over and it’s hard to keep in mind what we are getting in return from our Lord and how precious that is. Then what we are missing right now, is the only thing that matters.

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