Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A sugercoated alternate reality

I stumbled upon this blog - it's more of a research type of blog - on the merits and disadvantages of a polygynous lifestyle. The last post dealt with the relationship between sisterwives and what the advantages are according to a certain research:

“The significance of kinship among sisterwives is that women who live near female relations reinforce each other and protect each other’s interests, whether emotional, economic, or religious” (Bennion, 1998, pg. 91).

The writer goes on saying:
“I have always thought of the negative, demeaning, aspects of polygyny, but I truly believe that sisterwife relationships are an important positive part of polygyny. This relationship is something that these women do in order to make polygyny work.”

I can’t really say that I feel this strongly about my sisterswives. I like them and admire them in many ways, but to say that having sisterwives around is an advantage of polygyny.. ? In my particular situation I can’t share my issues with my girlfriends since they don’t know about my lifestyle. – Yes, you are all surrogate girlfriends, even the male readers… LOL! – But, if all was in the open, why would one depend on co-wives for friendship?

I’ve noticed that I find it very hard to really open up and form a tight bond with my sisterwives. Somehow I feel like having this tight friendship would be na├»ve, like we would not be real. I’ve read about sisterwives relationships being really tight, best friend type of thing. It sounds often a bit like the elementary school type of best friend thing, where you think your friend will be your friend forever and ever, and you walk around the school yard hand in hand. Every time I read that, I just get huge question marks… Am I a skeptic or do these women live in some alternate sugarcoated reality of which I am not aware?

I like my sisterwives. Somewhere deep down inside I also love them as good women, even good friends. Each of them, even Baby Boss, have admirable qualities. However each of them also have less admirable qualities, including yours truly. The truth of the matter is that all of us can be selfish and that all of us can be forgetful of each other, which causes us to hurt one another. Can we then be close and trusting if one’s happiness often results in another one’s pain? Can you trust a person when you know that they will hurt you? Can I really look at Baby Boss and say, I know she will start squeaking again and acting all childish and bossy – on my day, thus hurting me since she is depriving me of my needed quality time - and then still consider her my best friend and confide in her, just because I know it is one of her flaws..?


Anonymous said...

That's too bad, that you're not closer.
I would have bought into the sugar coating
myself. There's strength in numbers.


Donald said...

3rd said: Yes, you are all surrogate girlfriends, even the male readers… LOL!

LOL indeed! Do we get a say in this? :)

Now how am I supposed to erase the involuntary mental image of a group of guys wearing polka-dot dresses?

Mum-me said...

My mother was raised amongst the polygamous tribespeople of PNG. She has often told me that, from her observation of the practise, the advantage of being one of many wives (I think they were allowed up to 4 wives, except the chief who could have as many as he liked) was the companionship, help and support they gave each other. The first wife, though, was always the 'boss' and as such also had more responsibility to make sure the household, gardens and children were managed correctly. And honestly, I cannot imagine being part of such an arrangement without having those compensations. But then, being one of 4 wives in a 'primitive' tribal setting (where women were, and still sometimes are, treated as possesions) is obviously very much different to being one of 4 wives in our 'western' society where women are more or less treated as equals. I can see how it would be more difficult to have that type of cosy relationship with your sisterwives, especially when the polygynous relationship is a secret.

new#3 said...

I tend to agree with you about the sugar coating. I think of my sister wives as "family" and you don't really get to choose your family members.
I love them because they are important pieces of my family, but I don't know that I would choose to love them. Maybe I would.
There is the underlying competitive thing that one or all of us will have going on that sort of ruins true "tightness." Personal habits that annoy. Etc.

UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

See I tend to think the same thing about CW. I know she cares about me but part of me wonders if she is sincere and the same goes for me, am I truely sincere or is it some underlying keep your friends close and your enemies closer thing, you know?

Anonymous said...

I wanted to be a 2nd, but the 1st
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