Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Summer storms... :)

I've been visiting my brother for a few days - it's so strange how you can know each other so well but still find out something new about one another when you spend some time together.
We were driving around the city and somehow we started talking about his girlfriend and how they met etc. He's been with her for about two years now. He then wanted to show me how once in the middle of the night, while he was going out with a friend of his, he decided that he loved her so much that he needed to put it in writing. So we drove to her old home and there it still was, his message, sprayed on a wall which was visible from her bedroom window. It said "one soul, one heart".
It was very sweet, it made me smile. She's his first love. I think you do such things only for your first love. I asked him what she thought of it when she saw it, and he said that she was so happy that she cried for hours and she hugged him the whole next day... First love - sweet isn't it? I wondered if Mr.Hubby would all of a sudden spray something on a wall outside my bedroom window - what would I feel? I'd probably think it's hilarious. Laugh my socks off..
In some way I think it's sad that we become older, wiser, and thus more rational. My first love when I was sixteen was without any consideration for myself or my surrounding, it was foolish and intense. It was like a summer storm. Now love is more like spring, it's full of changes, growth, it's deep, it's more real.
Talking with my brother made me smile inside about my own foolish summer storm. It's like a small jewel I take with me, sometimes I look at it and it radiates a bit of its funny memories my way.


Hidden Sage said...

Cute entry.
I believe I first fell in love when I was around 14 or 15. She was my older sister's close friend and I was head over heals. I never hooked up with her since she was older and I was some young geek with braces at the time, but we later became friends during our college/partying days.
Strange enough, I still see her in my dreams every few months. I wonder if I should tell her...

Umm Travis said...

ma shaa Allah, it seems you have a fascinating life!

May Allah make it easy for you and your party of 4!

your blog is beautiful ma shaa Allah, i love the layout/photo... just one comment, the subtitle under the main one is hard to read... maybe use a darker purple or a bold? anyway, keep it up! I am adding you in shaa Allah to my google reader :)

3rd... said...

thanks umm travis! nice that you like the blog
oh - I made the subtitle hard to read on purpose.. :)

3rd... said...

hidden sage - what would you tell her? that she was your first love? or that you dream of her once in a while still?