Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back at last

Yes guys, I am back.. it's been a long pauze. I needed some time after coming home to get back into the daily routine. And then tons of mail waited for me at work. I managed to get rid of most of it. And now everything seems to be going smoothly.
I have decided to leave 4th with her issues and not be bothered by them too much. After having had a good talk with Mr.Hubby I told him I could really let it all be, but that I needed to make sure he wasn't affected by the things she does or says. As long as he doesn't buy into whatever twisted stories she tells, why would I bother?
So we agreed that I'd tell my side of whatever issue pops up in the future and leave it up to him to do whatever he thinks is right. I'll try! :)
He said, and I agree, nobody ever truly gains any understanding when they are scolded or cornered. They might bow down, but inside they build up resentment. So he proposes to try and explain why it's wrong, and I told him that's his job. :)


new#3 said...

welcome back 3rd! Good idea about the fourth btw..looking forward to you blogging again too :) take care

ChristianFundyMom said...

Welcome back from your travels :)

In Love

Safiyyah said...

Welcome back, dear. I am quite overwhelmed with a to-do list of my own.

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Donald said...

Roughly translated, I'd say that's spam for some kind of shady escort service? I tried telling Google to translate from Chinese too, and that's even more interesting… It talks about 'Japanese nuclear materials'… Cool!

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