Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Guys I left for holidays a few weeks ago and didnt get the chance to let you all know.. so from a sunny country I am writing this quick note to let you all know Ill be back here in two weeks or so.. :)

Having a blast


Big Love Over Logic said...

Enjoy your vacation :) Have a great time, our vacation in Hawaii is only 3 weeks away and I'm counting the days!

Blessings, M

Hidden Sage said...

Meanwhile, I'm all out of vacation days!

Lisa said...

Sounds like fun! Can't wait to hear all about it sweetie.

Safiyyah said...

Okay - you're forgiven :)

new#3 said...

wow sounds like a wonderful vacation, lucky lady!

ChristianFundyMom said...

ok..Third, it has been too long! Come home and blog already :)

In Love
ChristianFundymom (Nikki)