Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mirror mirror on the wall...

I bet you are thinking this will be some really important post, explaining why I was gone for so long. I wish I could say something really interesting and wise and befitting someone spiritual, but I was mainly busy trying to wrap my mind around the whole Twilight mania. Yeah, sounds crazy. I know. But I am posting now, because I think I finally figured it out.

So what triggered my temporary OCD? I stumbled across the partial draft of Midnight Sun, and of course things like ‘leaked out to the internet’ and ‘unfinished’ caught my interest so I decided to read it. I was soon totally intrigued by the story and finished reading the draft in a day, feeling totally unsatisfied as I knew nothing about Twilight I had no idea what happened next so I set out to read the book and then watch the movie. Honestly I thought the story in Midnight Sun which is written from Edward’s perspective was way more interesting than the published one which is written from Bella’s perspective, but still that one was fascinating as well. So eventually I read all the books, watched the second movie as well which just came out and was desperately trying to figure out what about this story was so captivating.

If you are still blissfully unaware of the Twilight world, this post may make no sense at all, but I am too lazy to try and explain the plot. Mainly because explaining the plot really doesn’t explain anything, it just makes me sound more crazy for even typing this up.

For those of you that happen to know Twilight. I am interested in what you guys think of my theory.

Ok, so why does it seem to be so that all x-chrom population melts at this story? And I am by now a fan as well by the way. I mean it’s basically a book for teenagers, but the moms are avid readers as well, and even the girls/women in between these two groups love it.
I watched some interviews and clips on the net, of moms saying that it’s a book they approve of since it basically promotes abstinence and true love instead of the casual s.ex which seems to be the norm nowadays. And young girls are screaming ‘Edward’s just so hot’. Well, he’s not, he is a freakin vampire, they are dead cold. I think the moms are lying and I think the girls just have no idea what it is that’s so attractive about the story.

I think every single one of us x-chrom’s is just dying to be as important to someone as Bella is to both Edward and Jacob. I mean these are two abnormally strong, ridiculously handsome, young men who will die to be with her. Edward will deny his most basic and strong desires of thirst, he will risk his family, himself, because he simply can’t stay away from her. She is the center of his world, he obsesses about her constantly, and I mean constantly because the boy doesn’t sleep so he even watches her at night - is overly protective.
I’d say having an awesome guy act that way gives a woman the ultimate validation of her greatness. To have someone so amazing as Edward’s character marvel at ourselves, isn’t that like the ultimate rush? And then not just him. Jacob, the werewolf, the incredibly buff Native American, utterly loyal, and gorgeous, is just as Edward. He will go against his pack to protect her and be with her. Even when she chooses Edward..
And the moms with their ‘I like it because it advocates abstinence..” I mean, for real? They make love alright in the last book. He rips the headboard in order to channel the emotions. Surely that wasn’t a tiny bit interesting to moms? Not any of the moms sighed at this point and drifted away in their imagination wishing their husband had some of that passion to share?
Or the fact that both Jacob and Edward seem to carry Bella around for miles whenever she is tired or exhausted. Not one of those moms thought of how nice it would be if their husband had some of that strength and devotion for them?

So my point is.. I think these books just give the ultimate rush to us women. The male interests are just ideal. Strong, loyal, handsome, passionate, but at the same time just completely and unconditionally in love. I think every woman wants to be able to capture the mind, imagination and the heart of man to such an extent. Having that gives us our own proof that we really are incredibly amazing, as all of us secretly believe..
I am grateful to the books that they made me realize this. It's like I understand a part of me now, some part of a certain craving..

And I do like the fact that the books promote true unconditional love, marital s.ex, and loyalty. I like all of those things. But like the really absorbing thing is just the full devotion Edward and Jacob have for Bella I’d say. Thoughts? Anyone offended? I hope not. :)


CM said...

From someone who got hooked on these books and then the movies over a year ago (and I am a grandmother) - I think you hit the nail dead center on the head! lol I have yet to read "Midnight Sun" though. I found it hard to read on the computer screen. Sounds like I should try again.

You are so right - who wouldn't want to "capture the mind, imagination, and heart" of not only one handsome man, but two. Throw in all the action and excitement - the dreamy looks they both give her - not to mention that Edward is rich and Jacob is built - and you have every womnan's fantasy come true. At least you have my fantasy! lol

Sign me up! ;)

Anonymous said...

I read up to book three and quit because I was tired of Bella's whinning and helplessness (she's always being rescued). These books are just an extension of the legacy of Cinderella and Snow White.

This series is Harlequin romance on the teeny bopper level. It's a cheesy storyline and Bella is a terrible role model for young girls. How healthy is it to re-enforce the fantasy of a woman being a prize fought for between two men?

CM said...


"How healthy is it to re-enforce the fantasy of a woman being a prize fought for between two men?"

Tell me again what's wrong with this idea? I still say it sounds good to me!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you in many ways. I haven't read the books, but heard a lot about it from my two sisters and I saw the first movie. I also read a very interesting article *before* i saw the movie which continued to creep me out (based on the article's argument).

what i noticed (in the movie after the article, but also before, in my sisters' conversations) is that these guys are OBSESSED - and for some reason it seems really romantic in the books. However, in my experience this kind of obsession is actually pretty scary.

Like...if this movie had been made on the lifetime channel instead of by hollywood, what a different angle we would have!,0,4559250.story

-a little worried!

Natja's Natterings said...

Sorry I have to agree with ANON totally....Bella is the ultimate pathetic Damsel in Distress character, Edward is emotionally abusive, possessive and obsessive. None of which are traits I desire in a mate, no matter how unconditional his love seems. I couldn't stand him, Jacob on the other hand IS a romantic hero (although I admit, like Anon, I could only handle up until book three so I have no idea of his character after that) The worse thing about the books you see was the complete and utter lack of character development, three books down and Bella was still as useless and pathetic as in book one and Edward still could not see that love doesn't equal removing another persons personal autonomy.

From this mother's perspective, there was nothing appealing about the books and I would rather eat my own hand off than have my daughter in a relationship than a human Edward, I would rather prefer a Werewolf Jacob.

Hidden Sage said...

All I have to say is, I don't think Edward's good looking.

3rd... said...

Edward may not be, but the actor definitely is..

Anonymous said...

Well put Natja...another thing about the series is that it re-enforces the notion that relationships have to be fraught with drama (ie. jealousy, obsessions, sexual tension, the break-up/make-up cycles). Any therapist worth their salt will tell you that the healthiest relationships are those that are drama-less; that the playing field is neutral and love, respect and calm prevail. Books like these tell young people that "true love" is suppose to be painful, harsh and mean.

CM said...

Nice picture 3rd! Look at those blue eyes! What's not to love - OOOOOOHHHHH (screaming teenage girl sound). lol

It's just entertainment! I understand the concerns expressed but with all the other junk (scanty clothing, jumping from bed to bed, etc.) that the girls are bombarded with everywhere, every single day - these books seems mild indeed! But what do I know - I grew up with "Dark Shadows"! (Bewildered looks) Google it!

Anonymous said...

I have read all the books and Midnight sun and I agree. IT got to the point where I was thinking about Edward in my day to day life.
I think the last book was my favorite. WHen I watched New Moon it made me dislike BElla.

Dale Kemp said...

Wow, I never understood the attraction so many women (my own daughter included) have for this series of books. That is, until now. It totally makes sense to this XY now.

3rd... said...

@ Dale.. I had no idea you still read this blog. What a surprise! :)

@ amina - I think I'd prefer Jacob too, mostly because of his cheerful nature, and also because he's warm, fever-warm.

@ CM - I did Google it! :) And how interesting: "The series became hugely popular when, a year into its run, vampire Barnabas Collins appeared." Now that last name does sound familiar..

@ Natja - I guess the character development you were hoping for does happen in the fourth book..I mean Bella definitely changes.

Natja's Natterings said...

Yes she changes but I am talking about personality development rather than a change, you can change your hair colour, doesn't mean you have learned anything.

Also, bear in mind that despite her assertion that she was in control of that change, I heard that in the end, she was again a victim and lost complete control of that change.

Totally bogus if you ask me. I am glad I did not read book four, I would have felt robbed.

3rd... said...

I gave the first book as a gift to a friend after I finished it. (I have a tendency to give books from my own bookshelves as gifts to people I really care for)
She sent me a message and it literally said "i am honestly melting reading this stuff"
Yeah, I'm spot on. So we will have a movie night soon. She was one of those people blissfully unaware of Twilight and now I just sucked her in. Am I a bad friend?

Hanieh said...

Wow, 3rd- we seem to have gotten hooked on this series at the same time, though I am just feeding this obsession now. I saw Twilight and am reading the book now, and will see New Moon tonight.

Anyway, I agree with your analysis but I think it is missing something that actually natja and anonymous are both hitting on the head.

Edward provides a new type of male that is no longer really portrayed in movies (largely due to the feminist movement I would think). He is very controlling, dominant, strong, and protective to a very obsessive degree. And Bella certainly does play into the whole damsel in distress type. Some women are offended by this, but I think there is a part in every woman who likes the idea of male protection... the type of protection that Edward offers Bella. He is handsome, strong, and in control. It plays into the whole "women need to be taken care of" stereotype... and that stereotype is becoming less and less desired in our modern society. That's why some women are very offended by Edward and Bella's relationship.

This is, again, just my theory.

UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

I agree with Sage.... I would like to say that they could have cast a better man for Edward(He looks funny to me)His profile is all screwed up and his nose is he doesnt look good without a shirt on....he icks me out.... I never read the book though......

UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

Oh and the actor playing Jacob also starred in 'Shark boy and Lava girl'....He growed up to be a nice looking manchild....Does saying that make me the equivilent to a dirty old man?????

Daniel said...

3rd, how can you miss the fact that what you and Bella and all women desire in Edward and Jacob is the very thing that is missing from your relationship with Mr. Hubby? How can you miss that you are "dying to be as important to someone as Bella is to both Edward and Jacob," yet you are only a fourth as important?

You do not have a "young [man] who will die to be with" you, because the man with you has obligations to his 3 other wives. You have failed to "capture the mind, imagination and the heart of man to such an extent" if he feels the need for 3 other women.

You were so close on September 19, 2009. I don't remember how much emphasis Mormons put on Jesus Christ, but I pray that you will trust in one savior and be married to one man who has one wife.

3rd... said...

Thanks Daniel, I read genuine concern and best wishes in your words, so thank you for that.. Plus as always its awesome to find out I have a male reader. I hope you will share your opinion more often.
About this post, the point was that most women feel this way, whether or not they are married, single, teenage, middle-age.. that's why the series are such a succes.. :)

3rd... said...

Oh and I just came up with a new reason I like Twilight, and I shared it with Mr.Hubby as well but he just shrugged his shoulder - and that is

the idea of an older man in a young body (Edward)...

I thought it was pretty funny

Hubby did start signing his texts with 'ur bloodsucker'

Sumner Kagan said...

(42-yr-old male)

Hi, first time here, though I've been fascinated by the idea of group relationships since late adolescence.

My first sexual experiences were in the context of a group of close friends of both sexes who just kind of shared each other - I really thought it would last forever - until it all fell apart from immaturity and jealousy.

Until then, it was blissful, so I spent much of my adult life trying to re-create that kind of group.

ANYhow, about the whole Twilight thing: I used to work in a bookstore, and most of the employees there were disdainful of the whole Twilight phenomenon.

Think about Edward: the guy's over 100 years old, lives with his parents, hangs around a high school and dates teenagers. Talk about failure to launch! More like Pedward if you ask me. It's pathetic and creepy. No wonder he's controlling; the guy's a neurotic basket case with serious issues.

It makes sense that Bella is a blank slate damsel in distress - her lack of depth makes it easier for readers to insert themselves into the scenario. A fully realized character who changes and grows through her experiences would just get in the way of the fantasy fun ride.

I started to read the first book and couldn't get past the use of language. Bella sounds like the kind of girl most real life guys quickly tire of. Vapid, self-absorbed, melodramatic. The kind of girl you date a few times, have sex with, then dump because she won't shut up and her inane chatter gives you a headache.

I'm only half serious here - it's just FUN to rip apart such a ripe target - though I do think there's something to my criticisms. It's not something I'd give an impressionable young girl to read without some long discussions ensuing.

LOL one last thing: guys who are totally into you and willing to die for you and make you the center of their world aren't really that rare. I think on some level all men long to embody the romantic ideal of the assertive protective hero, strong and brave, willing and able to do nearly anything for his love.

In most cases you've gotta be a heck of a lot more woman than Bella to bring it out, though... guess we can cut her some slack because she's a teen.

Holy crap this is long! I'll stop.