Friday, January 1, 2010


I actually hate twitter.. but this one was brought to my attention, its hilarious

I'm 29. I live with my 73-year-old dad. He is awesome. I just write down shit that he says

Some funny quotes:

"Fine, let’s take a vote. Who wants fish for dinner?...Yeah, democracy ain’t so fun when it fucks you, huh?”

"I just want silence. Jesus, it doesn't mean I don't like you. It just means right now, I like silence more."

"It's never the right time to have kids, but it's always the right time for screwing. God's not a dumbshit. He knows how it works."

"Son, no one gives a shit about all the things your cell phone does. You didn't invent it, you just bought it. Anybody can do that."


new#3 said...

I hate twitter too! But I keep trying lol.

Anonymous said...

HI I know you follow megans-polyblog and I feel greatly that we have been scammed in a way. I know now she is a blunt liar. She posted a picture up of her so-called ultrasound and I found that picture on another family's blog at

Plzzzz help me expose this person for who they really are, A LIAR!

Oh and if the little silly bored girl tries to remove it hoping not to be exposed, I have hit Printscreen and made a copy of her blog entry!

UGHHH I was so loving her blog! It sucks that she is fake!

Anonymous said...

and just in case the little wench does delete it here is the proof of her post and also just in case something does happen to the other persons blog here is the screen shot of them both!

new#3 said...

Funny quotes. I forgot to say that. What is this about megan? odd isn't it?