Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feedback please

Hello all.. I'd appreciate some tips today.
There is not much new stuff to write about. My relationship with 1st and 2nd is steady, not anything deep but we try to communicate about the most important events in the week for example. But with 4th it is quite strained. We limit it to the mere necessities. Now in a way I am fine with that. And in a way I feel like I souldn't have to try and change that since she obviously isn't trying.
But then again, I feel like I should just be the bigger woman so to speak. My aim is not to achieve friendship, not now anyway. But it would be nice to not feel so iced up when talking to her. Any tips?
I have considered making it a one way effort. So just start talking to her about something that happened to me during the week, even if she doesn't really respond to it. But I am honestly not so good at that "we're pretending everything is fine" type of thing. And it seems this requires some faking. Or is there another way?

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new#3 said...

I think you may have to start by faking it. The only other way that I can think of is to just sit her down and say something like:

Look, I know things are strained between us but I think for the sake of the rest of the family we should try to mend things or at least be somewhat friendly.

See, my hubby wouldn't tolerate two of his wives not getting along for a long time. For instance, #2 and I. He was always expressing his displeasure at me for not trying harder, or for her to try to understand me. When I got sick she wasn't the sister wife who took care of me, but we have tried to communicate more positively since then and it's better for everyone involved. I imagine that you are probably less flippant than I can be when I don't like someone much though lol.

It's a tough call Third but sometimes when folks pretend eventually the pretend becomes real.

Just my two cents.