Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I haven't updated here in ages it seems. Been cheating on you guys, found a new place to vent. It's writing... fiction. And I am writing for me only, not sharing it on any blog or whatever.
It's really weird, but it totally lifts me up. Though I've realized that in the end its just another way to escape reality. If I am walking or in the car or whatever, cooking even, a part of my brain disconnects and I enter some other world, my imaginary world. Then, when I have to get back to reality and really focus, it seems that much easier and somehow even more interesting.
It would be the best thing ever if I could end up earning a living with writing. A lot of discipline is involved with it though and whether I will ever finish a book I really don't know. It seems like my head holds an entire lake of thoughts and ideas and what's on paper is maybe just a cupfull. It takes a lot of times to translate feelings, images and thoughts into words. Words that convey them all well anyway...
But nuff about that. Some updates from my side. Mr.Hubby told me he wants to change the schedule. Its time for something more balanced according to him. He would want to move to a two days each .. I would really love that! It's not decided yet. He has to talk to the other wives separately and see in what way he can make it work with everyone. I guess 1st and 2nd will still want some kind of arrangement in which the kids get to see him more often, for dinner at least for example.
Then... Mr.Hubby said its time to start planning for kids! He said he hopes I will be pregnant a year from now at the latest.. :) I'm really nervous thinking about it but at the same time so excited. I've been thinking about this for so long. Sometimes I felt like nothing really mattered and I should just have kids regardless of the situation. Other times I've felt like there was no way I could make it work. Its been good talking about it with Mr.Hubby.
I am quite tired at the moment and though there is much more to be said on the topics, I will really have to try and post more another time. Right now, I'm in need of some mental silence.
Cheers all.


Donald said...

Uh oh… 3rd's going to become a published writer to earn a living, and now we shall all have to pay to read her thoughts. Darn it Sage, I knew we should have clicked on more of her ads!

Seriously though, this post should be called 'Great news'! 3rd, it's wonderful that you have found this joy in creative writing. Keep listening to your heart and if it wants to write, write!!

I really hope that your family can work out a more balanced arrangement. It seems long overdue if I can be bold enough to say that. I hope you and the other wives can come together on this one too. Let us know how it all works out!

I've said it before… I think you'll make a great mom. I just really hope the support is there for you, not just from Mr Hubby but from your sister wives as well.

Darryl Erentzen said...

I think it's likely that your blog has the seed of a great non-fiction book in it.

You wouldn't even have to do any writing, just compiling and passing off to an editor, or you could assign someone to build a book from scratch by accessing your blog.

I did a bit of looking into it just now, and it's an under-served niche that should be easy to gain a page 1 position in on Amazon ;)