Monday, July 28, 2008

Late night reflections

It's quite late at night and I could not sleep because of the mosquitoes and because of how hot is was.. I decided to get up and take the time for prayer and reflection. And while I was sitting and meditating a storm broke loose.

What a sensation to be meditating with windows wide open and the sound of the rain and the thunder outside. I felt so at peace and at the same time so energetic. I was reflecting on everything that had happened the day before, asking God to guide me in every step and protect me from any type of negative feelings I have. And with every such thought I felt myself becoming more and more – what word would best describe it – healed…it was so soothing. Just wonderful..

We do such injustice to God. I forget about Him throughout the day, complain about this or that and forget to ask Him for help. Then I turn to Him just once and He lifts me up regardless of my forgetfulness of Him and all my ungratefulness. If it were a relationship between two people I would be the incredibly egoistic and self-oriented one, and not one person would endure me. But He is always there.
I feel bad for ever complaining about how people treat me, when I show Him so little love, affection and care. We should love God, He loves back. Instead of asking love from people around us..
He might even love us through the people around us.
It’s still raining.
I love the sound of the rain.


UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

Nutin' Sup which you?

Safiyyah said...

Beautiful reflections! So true!

Disciple said...

Thank you for sharing your experience and your thoughts.

Yes, I, too, so very often am forgetful of God. There was a time, when my life was quieter, that I was not so prone to this.

Which brings to mind the seeds which fell among the thorns ...

I wonder how long the economy can go on pushing and pushing us for more?

3rd... said...

@ua-r..missed ur funny comments..where iz u been?

3rd... said...

@disciple - welcome, and thanks for the comment!
I blame it on my lack of love - when we're in love, we think if our beloved the whole day. It comes naturaly, regardless of the busy schedule. Our hearts are full of them.. if we felt like this about our Creator, it would all be so easy

UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

Iz been round....just aint got nutin talk 'bout

American Muslima Writer said...

subhanAllah so true and so deep. When we hear the creation of Allah we think of him, when we are roasted by His Sun we think of him, when we have troubles we think of Him, but when things are busy busy go go go, we forget yet He does NOT. Alhamdulliah.
It rained today for me too i'll post about it :)