Monday, September 8, 2008

Daily Life

Part of recent conversation with a male high-school friend

Guy: He's cheating on her…

3rd: What do you think of men cheating on their wives?

Guy: I do get why they feel the need for it, but I would never do it.

3rd: Are you for real, or just saying that because I'm a woman?

Guy: For real. I think about other women sometimes, but my girlfriend is my only one and that's the way it should be. If I would ever truly want to be with someone else I'd be honest, not go out and cheat on her.

3rd: You'd be like the guy on Big Love… chuckles

Guy: Man, they are crazy!

3rd: What do you mean?

Guy: Every time I turn on the show they're sessin'.

3rd: LOL! Well, they have to sell the show! But I think it's cool he's honest to his wives and takes care of them. Much better than all the men cheating on their wives.

Guy: They are big time hypocrites. Keeping it a secret from the outside world. All nice and decent on the outside, but then mad crazy household. It’s fun to watch, but they are really hypocrites!

3rd: Yeah... So, how's your Mom, still having back ache?


Deb said...

Oh, my! I'd switch the subject quickly, also. How close-minded. Sorry, Third. :(

new#3 said...

good for you that you changed the subject! wow I had hoped that Big Love had influenced people more positively than that!

Anonymous said...

How funny!

The Pastoral Princess said...

OUCH!!! Good job squeezing out that conversation!!!

I can't wait for Big Love!!!! It's the only show I can't miss.....

PM said...


But seriously, it is sad that people in polygyny feel they have to hide it. I sometimes wonder why they (or "you") do? If you are not legally married or making claims of marriage then is it still illegal? And if not illegal, then I wonder why you don't just come out and let your close friends and family know.

When I was in a polygynous marriage it was within the framework of living in a country (both Kuwait and Qatar) where it is legal. I never hid the fact from my family and let them know upfront when my (ex)husband remarried his (former) first wife [are you confused yet? LOL!] They certainly didn't understand or relate to polygyny but they accepted it and in fact accepted my (ex)husband as a much loved member of the family. I guess I never appreciated how hard that might have been for a very conservative Christian couple from the South.

I don't mean to make you uncomfortable with my questions and views. I actually admire and your views and willingness to discuss these issues.

Best regards,

Hidden Sage said...

Re: "It’s fun to watch, but they are really hypocrites!"

Where's the hypocrisy exactly? I think people throw that word around w/out knowing what it really means.

There's nothing hypocritical about being in a polygamous marriage and keeping it a secret.