Monday, March 16, 2009

Update from the front line

Sooo... the major, possibly life-threatening, do-or-die, the world is upside down, it might come tumbling down, DECISION - has been taken.

1st gets one day and the other day is for me and 4th. We can decide whether we want three days in a row in one week or if we want to have two days in one week and then one day in the other..I figured last option was better. 4th agreed, which was a relief, I didn't feel like dealing with her horrendous alter ego. Why is that? Why do we all have these terrible alter ego's? And I mean, we all have them.. they s*ck. Big time. And it s*cks that they seem to call each other out to play. 4th invites her alter ego over, and then mine creeps out of the house as well. And this time I locked the door safely, but it really is no guaranty for any future success. Alter ego’s stink. They stink!


Got that off my chest.

Now; my blogroll is out of date. My intention was to have a blog roll with interesting polygyny-related blogs, with the exception of Pastoral Princess, she’s my special girl since she was my first commenter ever.. (hugs to princess) …however, many have private blogs (including princess), or have disappeared, or have stopped writing. Anyone has any suggestions??
Out of desperation, I am adding Margene’s blog to my blogroll - the blog of a totally inexistent person, but whatever.


Lisa said...

There is a great new poly blog called Diamonds in Hijab. I know what you mean though, there's very few poly blogs left. I really think it's hard to maintain a blog in that type of marriage with co-wife jealousy making it hard not to press delete.

Glad to hear that you came to a decision that suits you. May Allah continue to bless you all.

Hidden Sage said...


CM said...

I am glad the battle is over. You held your head high, you can be proud.

Here is a new poly blog. She has it labeled "content warning", but so far there is nothing offensive (at least to me).


3rd... said...

Thanks Lisa.. Thanks CM!
And Sage.. that was really a reply a true sage would give

new#3 said...

Glad that battle is over. I'm sort of with Hidden Sage on this decision, hmmmm..somehow it doesn't seem fair to you and fourth wife :( From what I understood, first had more of Mr Hubby's time anyway didnt' she? Maybe I'm confused. First seems to me to be somewhat selfish in this but you and fourth are accepting and as long as you all wind up happy that's what counts right? Be strong and be proud of your behavior in this :)

Anonymous said...

salam, i have read your blog for such a long time, and i must say you do such a great job of writing about polygany. I am within a plural marriage and can feel my head nodding in agreement with so much of what you write.

keep up the great work...

American Muslima Writer said...

Whew glad ya'll settled down to a decision lol.

I have to agree it's still not really fair but it's your life.

You guys at the end should be getting more time if somone relinquishes a day. not someone who already has the most days....

Anywho, dicision has been made and that's good to get out of your hair... arg at alter egos lol.

Cairo Wife said...

I found your blog today and as a co-wife myself really appreciated your outlook. I have a wonderful husband and my own attitude is much like your own and I too find myself sometimes attacked (before my blog went private) or misunderstood. Some of your commenters were really out of line.

Not everyone can live in polygyny, that's for sure, but for those of us who can and are happy, why not just live and let live? Geeez.

3rd... said...

@new#3 - happy you are back!! ur always most welcome.. :D

@minty - thanks for the sweet comment, i checked out your new blog! :) sweet, will add u to my fav's list

@brandy - altr ego's grrr.. LOL! exactly!! LOL

@Cairo Wife - welcome!! great to have a new reader.. The venonymouses have not been active much lately. Maybe they found some other interests..better ones :s - I wasn't really bothered with them. Who cares if unknown cyber people don't like me ah?

Dee and Elijah Sue said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm back on my blog. and will be posting pretty regular..Deb has been posting even with her busy schedule. Hope thing are gong well with you..ES

Donald said...

Hi 3rd

Thanks for your little note. :) I've kept up with your blog but haven't felt the need to comment as I pretty much agree with what seems to be the general consensus — that 1st seems to be acting selfishly and that you handled it well by letting Mr Hubby make the decision. It must be stressful for him too when his wives don't get along, so a 'peacemaker' is a noble thing for you to be in your family.

God bless you and your precious family