Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blue Skies and Sunshine

Mr.Hubby got us all away for the weekend.. and then he bailed just before we were about to leave.. lol.. so it ended up being a sisterwives weekend in a city a few hours away from where we live. I figured this was the time to mend everything and decided that whatever whoever said, it would not upset me and that I would be happy go merry for the whole weekend!
And I managed!
And it was a good trip!
Everyone just relaxed..
I kept babbling about nonsense stuff
Little Rebel was not making any trouble
And now all tension seems to have left
And Mr.Hubby has been issue-free for some days
Mr.Hubby wants to use the good energy to have a family talk in which we lay issues on the table and try to come up with some ideas for how to make things easier in the future. That will probably happen somewhere in the coming days, and I will try to update you all.
Besides this there is nothing very exciting to write. You know it seems that when everything goes smoothly, it doesn't even feel like I am in polygyny. Then its just life and there is nothing strange or difficult about it. So now I am thinking 'what should I write on this blog'? And it seems there is not much to say.
Maybe if things go really well that would mean I'd stop writing completely...?


.::Tuttie::. said...

May Allah swt bless you with a happy fulfilled marriage and peace with your cowives ameen. BUT please don't stop writing, I like to cheer for you when things are going well. Reading about things gone awry just depresses me but I still read it so I can say a prayer for you in the hopes your situation gets better.

Donald said...

If you run out of things to write about, you could always add some more widgets for us to play with… :P

You gonna give New#3's breakfast suggestion an airing at the family meeting? You might get the odd breakfast in bed that way!

UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

DOn't stop writing because you can not afford to put more widgets on here. Donald plays with his widget too much as it is....

Donald said...


Safiyyah said...

That would be real nice if things would "go well" permanently :)

P life is always up and down.

You now have cyber friends, and we would miss you terribly if you stopped writing.

CM said...

Interesting - you all got along when Mr. Hubby was not around!

I think you may have found the key to the success of polygamy - get rid of the hubbies! lol Just kidding!

Seriously - do you think he bailed on purpose?

Anyways, I hope the good energy continues and I am glad you had a good time! BTW - It's OK to write about the good stuff even if it's normal and easy! lol

Donald said...

CM said: Seriously - do you think he bailed on purpose?

CM, you're not suggesting men can be manipulative too are you?? :-O

I'm betting he enjoyed the peace though. I don't imagine a polygynous husband gets much time to himself.

Anonymous said...

I think bailed out because he already sensed that 4th one is probably going to leave. So, he needed to woe a nice girl to take her place. He must be introducing a naive, insecure little girl to the "bliss" of polygyny.

Donald said...

Where you been Venonymous #4? We've missed you!

3rd... said...

lol Donald..

yes, welcome indeed

Anonymous said...

"Where you been Venonymous #4? We've missed you!"

1 week ago I even didn't know that this blog (and such people) actually exist. Anyway, I didn't really ask any question so I am not expecting any answer as well but I just want to make it clear that I posted 2/3 comments in last few days only.

Donald said...

My sincere apologies. Welcome… Venonymous #5!

Quite a growing family you have here 3rd! ;)