Thursday, May 15, 2008

The tricks of the accursed

Sometimes, when I am hurt, this weird negativity creeps up in my head. You know.. you start thinking the other person doesn’t care. You see images in your head of you being caring, and the other one leaving you out in the cold by yourself - drama.
So you decide to shut yourself off, go your own way... That is my built in mechanism anyway when things go wrong - taking distance.

And there is this thing which always helps me calm down and look at things from a different perspective, and that is the story of Adam and Eve. Weird? Let me explain. I just wanted to post my insights here and see what you guys think.

As you all know Adam and Eve were in Eden, blissful with absolute freedom and happiness – with just a very simple rule “do not touch that one tree”. Now paradise must have been awesome, vast, exciting, and great, so such a simple rule should have been a piece of cake. But still somehow they disobeyed…
They did that out of fear and out of a lack of trust. The devil convinced Eve that God hadn’t told them why they weren’t allowed to eat from the tree because by eating from it they would gain eternity. And without it they would be mortals and eventually die. To scare Eve further he showed her the horrors of their decaying bodies.

Such a simple and straightforward story, but just think about it: the devil convinced them that by listening to him they would attain exactly that which in reality they would lose.. and what they got instead is exactly that which he scared them with!

Isn’t that deep? Every time I get this urge to think negatively because I imagine other people being cruel I try to remember this – and remember that the devil is always out to trick us. I try my best to overcome myself and reach out and be honest about my feelings, instead of taking distance, as that way I definitely risk ending up alone and sad..

Any thoughts?


The Pastoral Princess said...

I can totally relate to the 'negative' thinking process. I find myself creating stupid scenarios in my head about something regarding a fight with the hubby and then catch myself actually projecting my perception of the scenario onto him. Does that make sense? I guess I get mad at him for something I assume he is feeling or thinking... I have to remind myself this was something my own mind tricked me into, a not something he may actually be thinking, feeling or intending for me to interpret. I think some of us just have a flair for the dramatic! LOL! Ufortunately it works in good ways and bad!

I think your story of Adam and Eve is a great example. They allowed themselves to be sucked into false thinking and look where it got them!

UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

I never actaully thought of it that way, maybe I will try that. I told hubby last night that I feel like I reach out to the first but she doesn't want to be my friend she just does it out of obligation. I told him that I was trying to push myself on her so that I could get over my jealousy(I am really bad about that.) And I also told him that I was going to try and always say what is bothering me, at least to him, so that I would not explode 2 years down the road over something that happened today....anyway..I wanted to ask you some questions but you don't have to answer, just curious. Are you, your husband, or cowives, Muslim? Do you guys live in the states or somewhere else? I noticed that you all live in seperate houses, are they close to each other? Do you have childern? what about the co-wives? If there are children do they interact together or are they seperate? I guess I am asking if it is like a big family or like 4 seperate families? Again you don't have to answer and if you want you can email me...PS I sent you an invite....Email is

3rd... said...

wow, thats a lot of questions! lol well ok, we live nearby and I do not have childern, 1st and 2nd do. Me and 4th are like aunties.. I don't think we are four separate families, but we are not one household either. We are more like anybody is with their relatives. We meet up, make appointments, celebrate events, but we live our own lifes as well.. How about u then?